Every Oregon student deserves access to high-quality, public education. In Congress, Teresa will always fight for Oregon’s students, parents, and educators so that our children all have a fair chance to succeed. Additionally, Teresa will prioritize job training and post-secondary educational opportunities for everyone, not just those who elect to go to a four-year college. Every Oregonian should be able to attend a CTE or apprenticeship program, a community college or a university, so that they are equipped to take on a good-paying job in our 21st Century economy.


COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated the gaps in our health care system. As your next Congresswoman, Teresa will focus on resolving inequalities in health care so that every Oregonians has access to affordable and high-quality health care. She will always fight to protect those on Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid, and support our frontline health care workers.


Oregon is leading the way in building a 21st Century economy, and Teresa will make sure that every working Oregonian gets a cut of our state’s prosperity. She will fight for good jobs with living wages, including a raise to the federal minimum wage. She will fix our broken system to achieve pay equity for women and people of color. And she will prioritize schools, job training, and post-secondary education so that everyone has an opportunity to get a good job and succeed.


Teresa moved to Oregon from Mexico when she was four years old. In 2012, she became a United States citizen. And in 2016, she became the first indigenous immigrant Latina elected to the Oregon legislature. Teresa will never forget where she came from and how she achieved the American Dream. So she will always fight to protect Oregon’s immigrant, refugee, and undocumented communities from hate, and support them so that they have the same opportunities to succeed that she did.

She will also stand up for Oregon’s seniors and elders, by fiercely protecting Medicare and Social Security, and ensuring that everyone in Oregon can keep a good job and eventually retire with dignity.